Vermeer Midwest Benefit Plans



We prides ourselves on offering a competitive benefits package to meet the diverse needs of all employees and their family members.


Medical Plans A competitive medical PPO plan.

Dental Plan Comprehensive Dental PPO Plan.

Retirement Savings Plan (401k) Full-time employees can participate in the company 401K plan after one (1) year of service. Vesting is on a sliding scale based on length of service from employee’s start date, employees become 100% after 5 years. Employees may contribute (pretax) up to Government set limits.

Profit Sharing Employees are eligible for Profit Sharing contributions to their fund either enrollment dates are January 1st or July 1st after 1st full year of service. 

Company Provided Life Insurance $15,000 coverage for all full-time employees

Company Provided Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) $30,000 coverage for all full-time employees.

Company Provided Long Term Disability 60% of pay for predetermined length of time, up to $6,000 per month.

Company Provided Short Term Disability Up to 60% of an employee's earnings with a weekly maximum of $400 per week.

Paid Holidays All full-time employees are eligible for up to 10 paid holidays.

Paid Time Off Employees earn 80 hours of paid time off after their 1st year and are able to earn additional hours based on senority.


All benefits are subject to change with or without notice, please contact us more information.


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